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Second Time Around Furniture by Lucy

Be the proud owner of something truly unique!

Welcome to Second Time Around Furniture by Lucy.  Create a one of a kind conversation piece that your friends will ask about.


Second Time Around Furniture by Lucy                  Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Second Time Around Furniture by Lucy offers custom painted services.  We do not offer furniture repair or furniture restoration.  Each item is painted by hand with a brush.

I paint with Fusion Mineral Paint ( and General Finishes Milk Paint and water-based stains (  Please visit their website for current color selections.  I thoroughly clean, and fill any scratches or imperfections.  I prime most pieces (2 (two) coats) to avoid bleed through.  Laminate furniture, I apply 2 (two) coats of Ultra Grip (by Fusion Mineral Paint) so the paint will adhere.  I also seal all of my furniture with either Polyurethane Topcoat or Polycrylic (for light colors).

All furniture items need to be delivered to my North Attleboro, MA location after a drop off date has been established.

For an estimate, please email me at a couple of images of your piece and include measurements.  In addition, please include two to three photos of what you are looking for as an outcome.  Also include your color selection and any additional information, such as if you would like knobs changed, dark wax applied, stenciling done, furniture transfer applied or piece distressed.

You will be emailed an estimate of your project within 7 days.  If you would like to move forward with your project, we will email you a contract and 50% of the cost is due at the time the contract is signed. 

Most projects take 1 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the size and my schedule.  You are responsible for pickup of your furniture within a week of completion.


Dresser                            $300 - $550

Buffet                               $300 - $550

Chairs                              $100 each

Dining Table                    $300 - $1,000

China Hutch                    $350 - $700

Side Table                       $100 - $300

Mirror                              $75 - $250

Desk                               $250 - $500

Bed Frame                     $400 - $600

Wardrobe                       $350 - $800

Vanity                             $250 - $500

Above prices do not include supplies.  Prices vary depending on turnaround time, paint finish, paint color and size.



My Background

I’m Lucy and I am passionate about furniture painting and home décor.  My business began when I realized I really enjoyed transforming furniture. 

I love old solid furniture; however, over time furniture can start to become dull and outdated and replacing it with new furniture can be costly.  While remodeling my home I discovered that I could breathe new life into my furniture by painting it.  Not only did I save a lot of money, but I updated my entire house with the decor I now love for a lot less than if I bought all new furniture.  I also did my kitchen cabinets and island in General Finishes Java Gel and went from a 90's oak kitchen to a modern kitchen.  I can help you update your furniture to match your style for a great price.

I am currently a Furniture Vendor at Vintage Peacock located at 1415 Main Street,  Walpole, Massachusetts as well as Upscale Resale Gallery located at 386 Lindelof Avenue, Stoughton, Massachusetts.    

As a Vendor, I rent a space in the stores, Vintage Peacock and Upscale Resale Gallery to display and sell my painted furniture; I am not the owner of the stores.  If you need to contact me, please email me at I also provide custom furniture painting service. 


Furniture Transformations
(Before & After Pictures)

kims before and after.jpg

Furniture Transformations
(Before & After Pictures)

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Furniture Transformations
(Before & After Pictures)

grey table before and after - Copy.jpg

Furniture Transformations
(Before & After Pictures)

end table before and after - Copy.jpg

Caring for your new Piece

The Answers You Need

Allow your new finish to harden and cure 30 days or longer before placing items that may scratch the surface.  Avoid sharp objects or excessive water.  Use coasters under beverage glasses/mugs and placemats on dining tables.  Clean with soft cloth and avoid liquid furniture polish.  To clean marks, use a slightly damp cloth.


Furniture for Sale

Painted and Original Finish


Vanity with bench

Available at Vintage Peacock


Buffet, Sideboard  (and) Bureau

Available at Vintage Peacock


Buffet, Hutch, small sideboard, small round table & 2 end tables

Available at Upscale Resale Gallery

Open For Business

Store Hours

Come Visit my booth at Vintage Peacock in Walpole, MA and Upscale Resale Gallery in Stoughton, MA.

Upscale Resale Gallery:      Vintage Peacock
Tuesday          10 - 6              Closed
Wednesday   10 - 6               10 - 5
Thursday       10 - 6               10 - 5
Friday            10 - 5               10 - 5
Saturday        10 - 5               10 - 5
Sunday          11 - 5               12 - 5
Monday         Closed            10 - 5